Our rates are as follows:

Level 1 Chimney Inspection – From £55.00

  • Check Audit Trail
  • Inspect exterior from the ground
  • Inspect appliance and installation
  • Dismantle appliance
  • Clean the chimney
  • Examine debris
  • Re assemble appliance – repair as necessary
  • Type 2 evacuation test
  • Check air ventilation, CO alarm and fuel
  • Report findings

An insurance recognised certificate is issued with every sweep, this will log the details of the appliance/flue and any recommended remedial work will be note. Many insurance providers now insist on a Certificate of Chimney Sweeping. This is also perfect for keeping records of when your chimney has received maintenance and will help to schedule future chimney sweeps.

In addition to sweeping the chimney, we offer expert advice on fuels and how to get the best out of your stove or fire.

We always advise our customers to see the brush come out of the chimney pot, this is to demonstrate that the full length of the flue has been swept. It is also deemed as “Good Luck” to see the brush.

Level 2 Chimney Inspection – From £150.00

Change of fuel, appliance or intended use
Change of ownership / tenancy

  • Same as Level 1 but with a Brief camera inspection

Level 3 Chimney Inspection – From £ POA

Failures on Level 1, 2 Chimney Inspection
Change of ownership / tenancy
At request of LABC, Insurance Company

  • Insect exterior from roof / ladder / scaffold
  • Inspect interior throughout entire length
  • Type 1 leakage test
  • Full camera inspection
  • Light appliance and measure flue draft
  • Report findings

Level 4 Chimney Inspection – From £ POA

Failures on Level 3 Chimney Inspection
At request of LABC, Insurance Company

  • Remover register plate
  • Remover boxing around twin wall
  • Remove chimney pot
  • Open chimney
  • Anything to check compliance / safety
  • Report findings

Sorry we don’t sweep Inglenooks no more!

Birds Nest / Blockage Removal – From £150.00

Price will include sweeping the chimney after removal of the Birds Nest or Blockage and also a camera inspection to confirm that the flue is clear of debris. * Please note that the birds nest will be left with the customer for disposal.

Creosote and Tar Treatment Remover – £ POA

Home Visit For Advise and Visual Report – From £40.00

Stove Installations – £ POA

Stove Servicing: Ropes, Glass and More…

Door Rope Supplied and Fitted – From £20.00
Vermiculite Fire Brick Boards Supplied and Fitted – From £20.00
Door Glass Supplied and Fitted – From £ POA
Bring your Stove ‘Back to Black’ – From £ POA


Stove Glass Cleaning Paste 500g – £10.00
Black Grate Polish 75ml – £13.00
Matt Black Paint – Aerosol 400ml – £10.00
Stove Magnetic Thermometer – £13.00
Carbon Monoxide Alarm 7 Year Battery Life – £20.00
Moisture Meter – Colour Change – £21.00
Chimney Balloon Supplied and Fitted – £ POA

Bird Guards / Cowls Supplied and Fitted – From £200.00

Vented Caps Supplied and Fitted – From £200.00

Chimney Pots Supplied and Fitted – From £200.00

* Please call if you need any more information on the above.

Terms & Conditions

Please note:

Whilst every effort is taken, a chimney stack, pot and cowl should be sound enough to withstand the chimney sweeping process. If for any reason a pot or cowl breaks or becomes dislodged during the sweeping process the sweep cannot take any responsibility. We will wherever possible eliminate this risk. However in the unlikely event of a mishap arising, we will endeavour to carry out, replace or repair to the best of our ability and at a reduced charge to the home owner, any remedial work necessary.

Gas Fires: Some flues serving gas fires can be swept without moving the appliance. This is usually identifiable by looking up the chimney and being able to see a flue. However, if you cannot see a flue, this usually means the appliance needs to be disconnected before gaining access to the flue. This MUST be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer before I can carry out a sweep. This is to be arranged by the customer and is at the customer’s own expense.

Please note that the soot will be left with the customer for disposal.

Please note that the birds nest will be left with the customer for disposal.

Call Out Fees: In the event of being unable to sweep an appliance due to access issues, inappropriate installation or other hazards present, I reserve the right to charge a call out fee. This will include bespoke advice on the nature of the fault(s), suggested remedial actions and, where relevant, completion of appropriate documentation.

Missed Appointments: A call out fee may also be applied if, upon arriving at an appointment, I am unable to gain access to a property for any reason. To reschedule or cancel appointments, please call 01303 656010 / 07814726711 by 8pm the day beforehand.

Once an appointment has been made you will be given a date and time for our visit.

Where ever possible we will give you a time slot i.e.: between 8am -10am or 3 pm – 5pm. “As examples” We will “ at all times” try our best to get to you between the times we give but at times we may encounter a birds nest or blockage in a chimney we are working on or there maybe traffic problems en-route.

We will endeavour, at all times, to keep you informed if this should happen and if need be make a re-booking, “at your convenience” for another appointment if the re-scheduling on the day does not fit in with you.

If for any reason you cannot keep to your appointment please inform us by phone, at least 48 hours before your allocated time. In emergencies we are flexible with this but please inform us.

It is necessary prior to storing Client’s Data to gain permission via the boxes on the certificate. All data stored must comply with the Data Protection Act.