Creosote & Tar Treatment Remover

CreAway – Creosote Remover

If not properly maintained and cleaned, creosote and soot build up can become a fire hazard. It not cleaned regularly, your stove may begin to produce third-degree glazed creosote, a tar which is nearly impossible to remove by regular chimney sweeping methods.

CreAway is a quick and simple solution to removing third-degree creosote, by chemically changing the creosote into a more easily removable substance. The time needed for CreAway to take effect will depend on multiple variable: types and moisture content of wood, burning habits, air flow, flue size and the amount of existing build-up. Large Build-up of third-degree creosote may require regular use and multiple cleanings to completely modify the third-degree creosote.

All chimneys should be inspected and/or cleaned annually by a qualified chimney sweep

Effective on All Types of Creosote

Helps Prevent Chimney Fires

Reduces Creosote Odours

Reduces Corrosion in Metal and Masonry Chimneys

Use With All Non-Catalytic Wood Burning Appliances

and Fireplaces

Chimneys Clean Easier and More Completely When Swept

This process will include Sweep, Preheat flue 20-30 minutes, Apply CreAway treatment into the flue, Camera Inspection, The householder to light a fire for a minimum of 2 hours each day for 7 days after CreAway treatment to heat activate the CreAway coating. If a fire can’t be lit for safety we recommend using a heater for 2 hours a day for 7 days where possible to ensure the powder heat activates and the chimney to be swept after this treatment.

Price £ POA

This process may need to be repeated one or two more cycles.